Kiss Photo Justin & Selena Beat Records Kendall Jenner

SelenaGomezHot - For beautiful photo when closed his eyes and showed off her beautiful hair, Kendall rated as the most popular artist in Instagram.

However it turns out, the record held Kendall could not last long. With the rapid achievement of the figure was taken by one of the most sensational celebrity couple in Hollywood, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

As reported by E! Online, photos uploaded Justin legacy in his Instagram account that is successfully beat the record Kendall. That's where you can see how a sweet moment when he kissed the former.

Intermittent 2 months since the photo was uploaded, a wonderful memory of Justin and Selena have been getting likes some more than 3.569 million. This figure was compared to 7 thousand likes to belong to Kendall who is still a matter for debate.....fantactic.

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